The great and the good of Dundalk turned out in force on Saturday at 23 Seats for the launch of Talkin’ Squirrel Blues

A tasty blend of delicious coffee and light blues music provided the ideal ambience for an evening of literature and music, chocolate and chat.

We often need a deadline to focus our minds. So an hour before the launch, I finally finished writing my speech. 

Needless to say, I lack the discipline to stick to a script, even my own script. The actor and the writer inside me fought a cosmic battle for dominance of the moment. Arlene Cunningham the director looked on and was kind enough to film the performance for posterity.

After reading an extract and signing copies of the book for my legions of fans, I was able to finally relax and bask in a warm squirrelly glow for the rest of the evening.

Stay tuned for news about an exciting upcoming Floydian event in Dublin…

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