QUIP Editing Solutions can help ensure that your organisation is represented by quality content.

We specialise in the following:

  • Quality assurance
  • Usability testing
  • Instructional design
  • Proofreading

Quality assurance: We can review your content to ensure that it is accurate, concise, clear, consistent, error-free and effective. Depending on your needs, we check the source text, the graphics, the audio, the animations and the final integrated product.

Usability testing: We can test your electronic content to ensure that it works effectively on screen, that it functions as expected and that it uses an ergonomic layout.

Instructional design: We can plan, structure, write and edit your training material. Whether you use e-learning content, classroom tutorials or hardcopy manuals, our expertise will help you create an effective and engaging training package. We will also ensure that your training adheres to the relevant instructional standards.

Proofreading: Whenever you produce text for an audience, you need someone to proofread it to ensure that is free from any embarrassing typos. We proofread many types of content, including web sites, magazines, books, newsletters, proposals, presentations, process documents, marketing literature, project reports and research studies.

We provide a unique service that brings instructional design, writing, editing and proofreading skills to your project. Whether you need someone to help write your training material, structure your online content, edit your technical manuals or proofread your marketing literature, our blend of expertise will find the perfect solution for you.

We will use our many years’ experience in different areas of the business to enable you to effectively communicate with your target audience.

QUIP Editing Solutions offers value for money, delivering the results you expect when you need them.

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