Padraig Hanratty is a freelance editor and instructional designer with many years’ experience in the elearning and educational sectors. He is the founder of QUIP Editing Solutions, a company that performs writing, training, instructional design and editing tasks for a number of clients.

Profile 2013

From Dundalk, Ireland, Padraig has written numerous short stories and flash fictions over the years. He has also had articles published in music magazines such as Judas and ISIS.

In 2012, he published A Blanket of Blues (a collection of short stories), Dimestore Avenue Blues (a novella), and Talkin’ Squirrel Blues (a novel).

Apart from creative writing, Padraig’s other great love in life is music. He heard “Handle With Care”, a single by The Travelling Wilburys, on the radio in late 1988 and a whole new world of early music opened up around his ears. That single prompted a journey of discovery back to Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Roy Orbison and the early stirrings of rock and roll. Back to the first dark chords on old blues guitars. A journey long ago travelled by Fingers Flaherty.

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