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Talkin' Squirrel Blues

Who speaks the most sense, a dead blues singer or a live squirrel? Moses McNamara isn’t sure.

After his girlfriend suddenly leaves him, Moses must rebuild his shattered life. His companions in this quest include a trendy squirrel, an elderly neighbour and a blues singer with six strings and a grudge.

Moses was never the world’s most motivated marketing copywriter. After a disastrous performance review, he feels lost in a career he hates, glaring at a cruel world through defeated eyes.

When his self-esteem is on the floor, Moses meets Floyd, a talkative squirrel who helps restore his confidence. He also consults his neighbour, Jesse, an old man with little patience for the young man’s martyr complex. And through it all, Moses listens to Fingers Flaherty’s songs. The melodic ranting of the belligerent bluesman helps Moses to keep his own problems in perspective.

Can Moses find a new love to help him forget the girlfriend who walked away? Or will the past always rattle in his brain like a half-remembered song? As his romantic quest becomes more complicated, Moses doesn’t always know whose advice to follow: the well-dressed squirrel or the dead blues singer.

Which one would you listen to?

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